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I spent 30 years working in the global branding arena. I was taught the marketing of brands by Unilever. I then went on to advertising brands in countries spread across the globe; England, Italy, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, Indo-China and China.

From South Africa and across Asia Pacific, I was employed by Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. I started with them as an Account Director and rose in the ranks to be President of Ogilvy Japan and Regional Business Director for Indo-China.

The brands included American Express, Dove, Lipton Tea, Heineken, IBM, Pepsi Cola, Colgate Toothpaste, Hennessy XO, Pfizer, EVA Airline, Nestlé Milks and Chocolates, Shell, Guinness, Palmolive Soap and Jeep.

I Archana law

I am a Personal and Business Transformation Consultant, Executive Coach and Psychometric practitioner, who works with organizations & leaders to design customized solutions. The uniquely crafted learning experiences and strategies result in enhanced performance, results and engagement. As a business learning partner, I bring to the table diverse global experience spanning across 30 years, including in Executive Education Programs, People Development, Diversity initiatives and design – delivery of competency based training programs.

I am also a regular contributor to the LMD magazine, where I write mainly on Leadership behaviour and Emotional Intelligence as a critical leadership competence.

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